Who are we? On rorty, rhetoric, and politics

Giorgio Baruchello, Ralph Weber

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It is not unusual to think of Rortys work as a success in rhetoric and a failure in political philosophy. In this article we re-evaluate this assessment by analyzing a typical feature of Rortys writing: his frequent use of "we so-and-so." Taking stock of the existing literature on the subject we discuss how Rortys use of the "we" was received by peers and how he himself made sense of it. We then analyze Rortys oeuvre in order to show that a better understanding of his rhetorical "we" could make his politico-philosophical "we" more appealing. We suggest that Rortys pragmatist take on "ethnos" is preferable to other notions that are currently championed in political theory and philosophy.

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ÚtgáfustaðaÚtgefið - 23 feb. 2014

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  • Rhetoric
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