Morphological characterisation of complex powder used for protective coatings for geothermal plant components

I. Csaki, S. N. Karlsdottir, A. Buzaianu, S. Serghiuta, G. Popescu, V. A. Motoiu, Kolbrún R. Ragnarstottir, S. Guðlaugsson

Rannsóknarafurð: Framlag til fræðitímaritsRáðstefnugreinritrýni


This paper aims to review the morphological characteristics, microstructures, physical and chemical properties of two complex composite powders: Ni18Cr5Si2B and Ni21Cr11Al2.5Y. These powders will be used as an option for coating geothermal turbine blades to prevent corrosion. The corrosion process in the steam turbine results in damages being recognized as the leading cause of reduced availability in geothermal power plants and is depends on temperature, mechanical and vaporous carryover of impurities and water treatment. Thermal spraying is a suitable technique for coating layers with wear and corrosion resistance. Therefore this technique could be successfully used in geothermal applications for obtaining coatings layers from new complex composite powders protecting the turbine blades from corrosions and good control of steam chemistry. The composite powders were investigated using X-ray diffraction and electronic microscopy to provide detailed information about composites morphological modifications. The results obtained after morphological evaluation are encouraging for using these composite powders as an option for coating geothermal components using thermal spraying technique.

Upprunalegt tungumálEnska
Númer greinar012047
FræðitímaritIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
Númer tölublaðs1
ÚtgáfustaðaÚtgefið - 28 jún. 2016
Viðburður2016 International Conference on Innovative Research, ICIR 2016 - Iasi, Rúmenía
Tímalengd: 19 maí 201620 maí 2016


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