Use of complementary therapies in nursing homes: Descriptive study

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Introduction: Complementary therapies may have positive effect on residents in nursing homes. The aim of this research was to investigate what kind of complementary therapies are provided in Icelandic nursing homes and who are the providers. Also whether the nursing homes need assistance to support the use of such therapies. Method: A questionnaire was mailed to all the nursing homes in Iceland (N = 59). Total of forty-five nursing homes replied or 76% response rate. Results: Registered nurses and licenced practical did most of the planning and provision of complementary therapies. The most common therapies were: heat packs, physical exercise and massage. Managers would like to have more knowledge and support in providing complementary therapies. Conclusion: The use of some complementary therapies is common in Icelandic nursing homes. More knowledge is needed to support the use of CT in Icelandic nursing homes.

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JournalComplementary Therapies in Clinical Practice
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2018

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We would like to thank The Icelandic Nurse's Association and the University of Iceland Research Fund for funding this study.

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  • Complementary therapies
  • Nursing homes
  • Old people
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