Garnaflækja á bugaristli á Landspítala 2000-2013

Translated title of the contribution: Sigmoid volvulus at the University Hospital of Iceland 2000-2013

Hördur Már Kolbeinsson*, Birta Dögg Ingudóttir Andrésdóttir, Pétur H. Hannesson, Elsa Björk Valsdóttir, Páll Helgi Möller

*Corresponding author for this work

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Backround Sigmoid volvulus is an uncommon cause of bowel obstruction in most western societies. Treatment options include colonoscopy in uncomplicated disease with elective surgery later on. The aim of this study was to assess what treatment sigmoid volvulus patients receive along with long-term outcomes at Landspitali University Hospital. Methods The study was retrospective. Patients diagnosed with sigmoid volvulus at Landspitali University Hospital from 2000-2013 were included. Information regarding age, sex, and duration of hospital stay, treatment, short and long-term outcomes were gathered. Results Forty-nine patients were included in the study, of which 29 men and 20 women. Mean age was 74 (25-93). One patient underwent acute surgery on first arrival due to signs of peritonitis. Others (n=48) were treated conservatively in the first attempt with colonoscopy (n=45), barium enema (n=2) and rectal tube (n=1). Three other patients underwent acute surgery due to failed colonoscopy, 8 patients had planned surgery during the index admission. Thirty-six patients were discharged after conservative treatment with colonoscopy (n=35), barium enema (n=1) or rectal tube (n=1). Two patients came in for elective surgery later on. Twenty-two patients (61%) had recurrence. Median time to recurrence was 101 days (1-803). Disease-free probability in 3, 6 and 24 months was 66%, 55% and 22% respectively. Total disease related mortality was 10.2%. Mortality (30 days) after acute surgery was 25% (1/4) and 16,6% (3/18) after planned surgery. Conclusions Sigmoid volvulus has high recurrence rate if not treated operatively. Total mortality due to sigmoid volvulus at Landspitali is low but surgery related mortality high.

Translated title of the contributionSigmoid volvulus at the University Hospital of Iceland 2000-2013
Original languageIcelandic
Pages (from-to)391-394
Number of pages4
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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