Research-based learning as a valuable tool in biotechnology education

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Microbial biotechnology is a third year undergraduate course in the biotechnology line at the University of Akureyri. Its laboratory section is heavily centered around the research process with emphasis on students taking ownership of experimental design and subsequently working towards a manuscript for publishing in a peer-reviewed, undergraduate journal. The role of the instructor is no longer to „lead and feed (information)“ but rather provide support and structure on a need-to basis. The aim is to activate higher-order cognitive skills (see Bloom‘s Taxonomy) while gaining valuable, hands-on experience within the laboratory environment and zone of proximal development (ZPD). This work reflects on the opportunities and challenges of said course, its pedagogical approaches and discusses future directions which could be applied in similar courses across the biological sciences.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2023
EventThe Icelandic Biology conference - Reykjavík, Iceland
Duration: 12 Oct 202314 Oct 2023


ConferenceThe Icelandic Biology conference
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