Promoting a More Sustainable and Inclusive World: Wellbeing in a World of Crises

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In this chapter, we discuss pressing questions regarding sustainable development and children’s wellbeing. We depict two scenarios. One portrays children who are led down a dangerous path of climate change and live under in secure circumstances, experiencing violence, neglect, abuse, and military recruitment. The other depicts parents, schools, social services, societies, and the global community, willing to turn things around by emphasizing children’s human rights and wellbeing in a broad sense. We deal with these issues within an interdisciplinary frame, underlining the meaning of social, psychological, and health threats as well as children’s secure economic conditions. The knowledge of protective and risk factors for children’s wellbeing must guide us during that process. Parents and guardians are responsible for upholding children’s rights, caring for their development, and seeking services for them if needed. School practices and leisure activities must embed the Convention on the Rights of the Child, offering children opportunities for democratic discussions and participation. Nurturing children’s values, critical thinking, and perspective taking prepares them for their role in an inclusive, sustainable world. They need space to influence their own lives and society. We conclude with examples of changes in Iceland’s governmental policy and practices, which are steps in implementing the convention.

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