Paleomagnetic research on Icelandic rocks - a bibliographical review 1951-1981.

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Covers the history of paleomagnetic research in Iceland from its beginnings to about 1981. It is primarily written for students and geoscientists who may be interested in using paleomagnetic directions as an aid in stratigraphic and tectonic mapping in Iceland. Emphasis is on laboratory measurements of magnetic direction and intensity in rocks; coverage of rock-magnetic measurements is also fairly complete, but studies of magnetic polarity in the field are only partly covered. Papers interpreting magnetic field anomalies over Iceland in terms of magnetic measurements on rocks are included, but many papers dealing with other aspects of magnetic anomalies have been omitted. This review is mostly restricted to published papers containing predominantly original results from Iceland, with only occasional references to conference abstracts, theses, summary papers, and internal reports. Papers that deal with paleofield directions are reviewed first, roughly in time sequence by authors. This is followed by chapters on paleointensities, anomaly interpretation, rock magnetism, and miscellaneous other topics. -Author

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