Misvisun attavita a Islandi - sogulegt yfirlit

Translated title of the contribution: Magnetic declination measurements in and around Iceland

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This paper describes various properties of the present geomagnetic field, including the magnetic declination. Measurements of the declination were made by various expeditions to Iceland since about A.D. 1750 or possibly earlier, but documentation on their results is scattered, and little is known of the methods used or their accuracy. A list of declination measurements, based on original compilations by Th. Sigurgeirsson and Th. Saemundsson, is provided. It is found that the westerly declination may have reached a maximum early in the 19th century. This is also in agreement with global geomagnetic reconstructions based on historical field measurements and archeomagnetism, and may be of use in dating lavas or artifacts in Iceland. The magnetic inclination appears to have been fairly constant at 75-77°. -from English summary

Translated title of the contributionMagnetic declination measurements in and around Iceland
Original languageIcelandic
Pages (from-to)45-60
Number of pages16
Publication statusPublished - 1993


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