Fools: An ethnographic synopsis

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Frequently, teachers refrain from talking with their students about topics that, given the common sense (or prejudices) of the age, are deemed too sensitive, potentially offensive, risqué, controversial, borderline, inherently heated, politically incorrect, thorny, and/or threatening to in-class discipline, professional respect, career prospects, security of employment, etc. As stupid as all this self-censorship may sound, stupidity is one such topic. Humour, however, can create discursive spaces where topics of this ilk can be tackled with a reassuring degree of ease. Furthermore, given humour’s defining ability to bring together seemingly unrelated planes of thought, the same discursive spaces can host hints, references, insights and/or articulate reflections on additional important issues, which may range from abstract methodological concerns to concrete existential projects. Below, you find a humorous text aimed at, and utilised when, addressing stupidity as a topic for class discussion
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTeach business studies with a sense of humor
Subtitle of host publicationWhy (and how to) be a funnier and more effective business studies educator and laugh all the way to your classroom
PublisherThe Curious Academic Publishing
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2022

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