Delineating the impacts of strong user rights in fisheries

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User rights in fisheries refer to the rights of fishers to harvest from fish resources. In terms of exclusivity, security, duration and transferability these rights can be strong or they can be weak. In recent years there has been a substantial movement toward stronger user rights in many fisheries around the globe and further shifts of the same kind are recommended by many fisheries advisors. The paper argues that a transition from weak to strong user rights in fisheries has a wide range of impacts. In the paper it is attempted to identify and describe some of the more prominent of these impacts. It is found that these impacts may be conveniently divided in economic, environmental and social impacts. Although this classification is by no means perfect or even exhaustive, it is hoped that it can serve as a framework for further research in the field. The paper continues to provide some discussion of the social desirability and undesirability of the various impacts.
Original languageEnglish
Article number105666
JournalMarine Policy
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2023

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  • User rights in fisheries
  • Property rights in fisheries
  • Property rights
  • Strong user rights
  • Impacts of strong user rights
  • SURFs


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